Why Go eSport marketing?

Go eSport connects your company with the massive target group of eSport and provides you with efficient and creative eSport marketing.

Through our in-depth knowledge and extensive network in the eSport market, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions that create visibility, awareness and loyalty among your target group.

Go eSport packages

Contact us for a tailor made solution for your company’s needs.



Advertise effectively through the channels, where your target group is having fun.

Included in pack:

Target group analysis

Customizable channel and content strategy

Online media and streaming ads

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eSport is the fastest growing marketing channel and the advertising possibilities are some of the most cost-effective that exist.

With low-cost advertising on platforms such as Youtube and Twitch as well as offline events, your company can easily reach your audience and increase your visibility.

Start your eSport marketing adventure today for the most efficient spending of your marketing budget.



Interact with your taget group to show your product. Let them try it and buy it!

Included in pack:

Event participation

Streaming sponsor

Social Media

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We provide you with an expert in-depth analysis of your possibilities in the eSport market.

eSport gives you the opportunity to enter your target group’s daily life.

In a non-invasive way you can develop a loyal customer base by interacting with your audience and letting them try your products. 

Reach out and be a part of your own target group’s world.



Become a brand in eSports and find yourself the most loyal customers in the world.

Included in pack:

Strategic analysis

eSport sponsorships

Event Management

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Through our vast network and knowledge of the eSport market, we identify the most suitable opportunities for your company.

Sponsored by your brand, events will develop loyalty among your target group in an authentic and non-invasive way.

Sponsoring a team or a player not only provides you with access to their followers, but creates a brand within the eSports market.

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