About Go eSport 


What we do

Go eSport is founded with the purpose of creating an attractive eSport market in Denmark.

As pioneers we wish to develop eSport as a marketing channel and to help companies to reach out to their target groups, while we guide the players and teams to adapt to the commercial aspect of their passion. 

We seek to connect companies with the growing amount of viewers that follow eSports online on services such as Youtube and Twitch or on some of the many offline events. 

Through our in-depth knowledge and extensive network in the eSport market, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions to the companies to create visibility, awareness and loyalty among their target group. 

About us
About us
About us

How we do it

By helping players and teams to adapt to a commercial market, we can help to increase interest in eSports.

We plan and handles everything in online marketing, organization of events, sponsorships, billboards and social media.